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Art Studio Insights Podcast​

June 2021

Visual artists Jaclyn Sanders (Studio 220) and Adriana Ameigh (Studio 216) recently launched Art Studio Insights, a podcast that aims to demystify the creative process and exchange ideas with career-minded artists. Their lively episodes are informative and cover a variety of topics for creatives including mindset, business practices, technology, and skills that working artists need in order to succeed.

Both artists have studios at Artspace in Raleigh and bring to the podcast diverse voices: Adriana is a Puerto Rican artist with a background in finance and technology. Jackie is a Maryland artist with a background in fine art and marketing. Current episodes record the dialog between the two artists, but they will soon include panel discussions with other artists, art administrators and creative professionals.

Art Studio Insights is available for listening on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, and as videos on YouTube.

Clarence Heyward, Portrait of William Paul Thomas

Clarence Heyward, Artist in Residence at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School

May 2021

Clarence Heyward joined Artspace in the beginning of 2021 as a Regional Emerging Artist in Residence; you can find him in Studio 215a. He is also currently an artist in residence at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. Clarence is collaborating with visual arts teacher Sherry di Filippo and students to create a large painting that will live at the school and speak to the experience of its current students. About 30 students are involved in talking with Clarence to learn about his history as an artist, his techniques and motivations, his process and work habits, and his personal human experience. They are collaborating to brainstorm and choose a theme; to have a conversation about the theme and what it means to them; to explore symbolism and related topics through visuals, writing and words; and to draw, sketch, and create the visual references that Clarence will use to create the final work

Sanjé James, Untitled, currently on view in Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA

Familiar Interplay, Sanjé James

May 2021

Sanjé James started out interning at Artspace in 2019 and we are so happy to have her back as a front desk associate in 2021. Sanjé (IG: @moosekatt) is a senior at Lesley University. Her senior thesis titled Familiar Interplay reflects on how Generation Z is negotiating friendships—shifting from adolescence into the adult world during a global pandemic and how she is constantly searching to connect with others online. She photographs her friends in her town, Wake Forest, North Carolina, usually in the woods, to contrast the physical world to the digital space that takes place in her childhood bedroom. Sanjé is seen solely through a screen and projection. This work is for people who feel COVID-19 has stunted their transition into adulthood and have found themselves seeking online connections. Her photo is on view at the Panopticon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts.

Participant working on our faux stained glass project

Jane Cheek, Resident Artist at Total Life Centers

May 2021

Jane Cheek joined Artspace as a new studio artist (Studio 217) this month and is a teaching artist for our Summer Art Camps. Jane has been the resident artist at Total Life Centers, an adult day service center in Wake County for several months. “I began my residency at Total Life Centers with the goal of making art fun and accessible by focusing on color and the process of art making. Throughout the residency we worked on abstract projects using simple shapes and bright colors, and it was wonderful to see how the participants responded to the process. This was such a fulfilling experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the wonderful people at TLC.”