ALEXANDRE EMMANUEL was born in Olinda, in Pernambuco State of Brazil. He began to paint at an early age and by the time he was thirteen, he was already selling his artwork.

After graduating from the University of Pernambuco with a degree in Architecture and Urban Studies with post graduation in Urban Special Design for People with Physical and Visual Disabilities, he completed a degree in painting at the Museum of Contemporary Arts and with the Group of Artists of Guaianasis Art Center in the historical city of Olinda.

Shortly after his arrival in the US, Alexandre participated in a few collective art exhibitions with a Brasilian art community. He has had solo exhibitions in twelve states of Brazil, as well as several venues abroad. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts for almost 16 years, where he started to build his name as an international artist with his first solo exhibition Ambiguitythe Art-Promoter-Participation in the Seven Deadly Sins. Recent exhibitions include Abstract Matters at 311 Gallery in Raleigh.