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Host your event at Artspace! Rentals at Artspace for private meetings, parties, and programs are available Mondays and Tuesdays at any time, and Wednesday through Sundays after 3pm. Rentals for meetings and conferences may be held at any time, during regular business hours, evenings, or weekends. Artspace requires all rentals to have a three hour minimum. No rentals are available during our Summer Art Camps from mid-June to mid-August.

Artspace has five spaces available for rent: 1st Floor, Lobby, Gallery 1 (add-on only), Education Room, 2nd Floor: Gallery 2, Studio 206. The entire Artspace building is available for very large events at which guests will be on two separate floors.

Artspace allows only one event in the building at a time. We will gladly work with the caterer, musicians, and event planner of your choice.  Alcoholic beverages may be served (A state ABC permit may be required). Smoking is prohibited in the Artspace building. Artspace’s public areas, studios, galleries, and classrooms are accessible. The building is equipped with an elevator that goes to the 1st and 2nd floors, where all artists studios, classrooms, and galleries are located. (Learn about our accessibility resources).

If you need further assistance, contact us at

The Lobby

The Lobby, located on the 1st floor, accommodates approximately 75 people, with limited seating. The Lobby is a two-story space full of artwork that is perfect for fundraisers and cocktail parties. Our small Upfront Gallery is included as part of all Lobby rentals, but use may be restricted due to exhibitions. The Lobby is not available from mid-June through mid-August.

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 is a large gallery space at the rear of the Lobby. This space makes an excellent addition to the Lobby and can accommodate approximately 60 people and up to 80 people standing. Please note, this space is only available as an addition to a Lobby rental and use may be restricted due to exhibitions. No food or drink set-up is allowed in Gallery 1. Gallery 1 is not available from mid-June through mid-August.

The Education Room

The Education Room is located on the 1st floor and is perfect for meetings, classes, as a dressing room, or as a caterer prep room. The room is 40′ x 25′ and has a sink. This room accommodates approximately 50 people (30 seated at tables). The Education Room is not available from mid-June through mid-August.

Gallery 2

Gallery 2 is located on the 2nd floor and is accessible by elevator and stairs. The room is approximately 37′ x 33′ and has a separate preparation area with a refrigerator and sink. At most times of the year, an art exhibition will be on display on the walls of Gallery 2. Gallery 2 accommodates approximately 100 people (60 seated at tables). For parties of 80-100 people, it is recommended that our attractive, expansive hallway adjacent to Gallery 2 also be utilized. Gallery 2 is not available from mid-June through mid-August.

Studio 206

Studio 206 is located on the 2nd floor and is accessible by elevator and stairs. The space can accommodate approximately 30 people seated, and up to 50 people standing. This bright, open room includes large windows and a sink. Studio 206 is not available mid-June through mid-August.

Artspace was a unique location for our business conference. Being situated around the different artists gave me the opportunity to view their works and talk to them. You would never have a chance to experience this if you had a conference at a traditional conference center. I would definitely recommend this venue to other businesses.”


Lobby + Gallery 1


Includes: Lobby, Gallery 1 and Upfront Gallery. Unavailable Wed-Sun from 11am-3pm.

Education Room


Available daily.

Gallery 2


Unavailable Wed-Sun from 11am-3pm.

Studio 206


Available daily.

Additional Fees

  • Security Deposit: $500, refunded after the event less any deductions
  • Artspace Staff Fee: $25/hour per staff member from 3-10pm and $50/hour per staff member after 10pm are required for all events

Let's Discuss Your Event

An appointment to see the facility may be made Monday-Friday from 12-4pm, or you may drop by during our open hours of 11am-7pm, Wednesday-Saturday, and 11am-4pm on Sundays for a self guided tour.

For additional info, please email, complete the rental inquiry form available here, or call us at (919) 821-2787.