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PETER MARIN was born and raised in Mexico City. He has lived in New York City, Madrid, San Francisco and Oakland. He recently moved to Raleigh to continue his painting practice and to become an active member of the vibrant local arts community. He received a BA from UC Berkeley and an MFA from Hunter College.

Marin has been painting over 20 years, and exhibits both nationally and internationally in Mexico, Spain, California, New York and North Carolina. In addition to painting and educating, he is also a curator emphasizing contemporary painting and an arts community advocate who supports 501c3 organizations by volunteering, fundraising, and donating artwork.

His teaching philosophy corresponds to the tradition of student centered-pedagogy in which formal instruction creates crucial personal and experiential learning opportunities. Marin’s goal as an arts educator is to facilitate the construction of the armature required for critical thinking; and, not the rote acquisition and consumption of information.

“I aspire to equip and educate my students so that they can become accountable participants, rather than spectators, in the world.”