Youth, Teen + Adult Classes

Our year-round youth, teen, and adult programming offers a diverse range of classes taught by local artists. We provide our students with a high quality arts educational experience by working with artists who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise while supporting their educational growth. Artspace teaching artists will devote the necessary time to each student and provide them with technical assistance and substantive feedback, allowing for the best possible educational experience. To make the arts more accessible to all, Artspace will provide basic art making materials and tools to participants on the day of their class. Common drawing, painting and general art making tools will be provided unless otherwise specified via a supply list. In the event that specific supplies are required, Artspace will make available a detailed list of those supplies along with recommended options from the instructor.


Teen Classes

Print Your Heart Out

with Alanah Reid

Saturday April 8, 1-4pm

grades 8-12 

Cost: $45

Learn traditional printmaking techniques to create compelling prints that speak to you. This three hour class will provide students with the tools + time to design unique prints to give or scatter. Students will also have an opportunity to observe BIG INK, a team of professional printers creating prints in our Gallery 2 space. No experience required to participate in this class.

Alanah Reid is a nonbinary visual artist based in Raleigh NC. Their art embraces vivid colors and mesmerizing organic forms. They have a deep love of Gouache paints, rug tufting, and printmaking. Find them in person at ARTSPACE, or online at

Alanah Reid painting

Adult Classes (ages 16+)

Textured Landscapes

with Debbie Secan

Saturday March 18, 10am-4pm

ages 16+ 

Cost: $85

This class has a 1-hr lunch break built in to allow participants to go on break, then return to class and conclude their projects.

Working with repurposed materials and paint, students will learn hands-on techniques to combine these materials and create a beautiful landscape painting reminiscent of a memorable location. This 5 hour class will break for lunch halfway through to allow for surfaces to dry. No experience is needed to participate. Students are required to bring in a photograph, sketch or drawing of an outdoor environment meaningful to them to use as a reference. If access to a printer is difficult, the image may be emailed at least a day before class to our Education Manager at The image will be printed and made available to you on the day of class.

Woven fabric has been the focus of Debbie Secan’s creative energy for 30 years, as a hand weaver, textile designer in industry, small business owner, and fine artist. She has reinvented her practice a number of times. Recognizing the fact that huge amounts of textiles and plastic are sent to landfills, Debbie collects materials that have outlived their original use and weaves them into canvases, giving them a new life. She then reacts to the canvas with paint, focusing on color, illusion and movement. Her goal with each work is to both challenge the rigidity of her process and create a surface that observers will respond to with curiosity. Debbie has a BS in Textiles from Shenkar College in Israel and a Masters of Art and Design from NCSU. Debbie’s work has been shown at Visual Art Exchange. Debbie is an Artspace Studio Artist working in Studio 213.

Floral Portraits: Powerful Women

with Jennifer Clifton

Saturday March 25, 1-5pm

ages 16+ 

Cost: $80

In honor of Women’s History Month, students in this class will learn the process of creating a floral portrait of an important and influential women in their life. Students will learn a step-by-step process that will, regardless of experience, ensure a timeless representation of their person of choice. Using a variety of colors, patterns and floral decor, students will activate the surrounding negative space of their portraits to truly bring it to life. Participants are required to bring in an 8.5×11 photo copy of their subject. If access to a printer is difficult, the image may be emailed at least a day before class to our Education Manager at The image will be printed and made available to you on the day of class.

Artist Statement: “My art presents oppositions—the natural against the synthetic, the individual against the modern hum, independence against the energy of regularity, action against thought, self-generated female power against an inescapable yet still attractive backdrop, past against the present. My figurative 2D work—paintings and pencil drawings with wallpaper—present subjects inspired by photos from the vaudeville era and elsewherin the last century, or invented, surrounded by mod wallpaper or painted patterns. Color is unashamed, defiance is pleasure, with an edge of surreal juxtaposition. The backgrounds suggest a struggle with an exterior but can also depict the interior energy of the central figure—viewers can decide the balance.” – Jennifer Clifton

detail of graffiti

Graffiti 101

with Morgan Cook

Saturday April 15 + 22, 1-4pm

ages 16+ 

Cost: $80

Embrace your inner artist in this intro level graffiti art class. Day one of this class, students will develop a personal style  while learning about the history and social implications of graffiti art, as well as fundamental graffiti techniques. Day two will take students to a cool off-site location with the intention of putting their new learned skills into practice, making their mark on a public wall. No prior experience required to participate in this class.

MCK ONE is a contemporary artist with 12 years of experience in public art installations. His specialty is spray painting large-scale mural works indoors and outdoors, having already painted 600 walls across the USA. His features include press such as WRAL, Bombing Science, and The Guardian. He draws on his extensive experience as a graffiti writer to inform his studio practice, from the subjects of his artwork to the tools he uses. To spread the knowledge of style writing, he teaches workshops that give students an up close and personal look at working with spray paint, developing letterforms, and working as a professional artist. Based in Raleigh, NC, MCK ONE works full-time as a muralist for commercial and private clients. With confidence and professional poise, MCK continues to expand his reach in the art world by introducing style writing to an even larger audience.

Monthly Meet-ups

Jackie Sanders and Adriana Ameigh working in their studios


Saturday, April 8, 11am-1pm

ages 16+

Free! Please register though so that we may anticipate attendance.

Join us for a monthly gathering of working artists from Raleigh and surrounding areas! This group meets on the second Saturday of the month in Studio 206. These lively sessions are centered around creativity, networking and collaboration. Bring your sketchbook or a work in progress as well as any materials you may need to create during the session.  Hosted by Studio Artists Adriana Ameigh (Studio 203), and Jackie Sanders (Studio 220), the duo behind Level Up Artists Podcast and membership group. 
detail of photo of Aliyah Bonnette working on a quilt in her Artspace studio

Fiber Folks

Wednesday, March 15, 6-8pm

ages 16+

Free! Please register though so that we may anticipate attendance.

Join us for a monthly gathering of fiber folks at Artspace! Fiber artists of all kinds and experience levels are invited to join this group, which provides space to work on your projects in community. Bring your own project and materials for a casual, drop in style gathering that meets on the third Wednesday of each month. Hosted by Studio Artist Aliyah Bonnette (Studio 109A).