Regional Emerging Artists in Residence

The Regional Emerging Artist Residency provides emerging, Southeastern-based artists with six months of free studio space at Artspace, giving them time and space to explore their work in a supportive and thriving open studio environment. Artspace offers two residencies every six months.

Summer Artist Residency

The Summer Artist Residency provides an established artist with a month-long studio opportunity to work on a specific project in Artspace’s Gallery 1 during the summer, culminating in an exhibition at the end of the month. 

Pop In Artist Residency

The Pop In residency program focuses on community engagement and provides an artist with a month-long studio opportunity to work on a project of their choice. During the residency period, Pop In Artists engage with the Raleigh community through a collaborative project or through teaching a workshop. 

Universal Access Artist Residency

The Universal Access Residency is exclusive to artists who identify as having a disability. This residency is designed to be flexible and can be easily modified to accommodate different disabilities.

The residency was initiated in 2019 and was made possible through the actions of past Operations + Finance Manager, Megan Sullivan, who received The Betty Siegel Universal Access + the Arts Award; which recognizes the substantial achievements of Arts Learning Community for Universal Access members who complete all three years of the program. Sullivan chose to use the grant included as part of the award to fill a need in our community.

Tayler Drattlo

Studio 215

Tayler Drattlo is a neon sculpture artist originally from San Antonio, Texas and now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She studied neon design and metal casting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Tayler has trained in the craft of neon at multiple neon shops over the years. She currently bends neon at Glas, Raleigh’s neon fabrication studio. She uses traditional means to craft and process glass tubes. She has exhibited her work in installations around the South where she pushes the physical and conceptual limits of the medium while preserving the integrity of the 100-year-old craft.

Brought up in my family’s Tejano night club business, I was exposed to neon at an early age. My goal is to contextualize my experiences as a Texan through neon. My most recent body of work, Rodeo Roses, is my own take on floriography through my southwestern roots. Receiving this residency at Artspace serves as an opportunity for me to push the boundaries of my neon practice beyond the traditional application of neon in commercial sign making. My studio space will act as my central hub for my design work, color study, pattern making, assembly of bulbs, and display of neon. I look forward to joining the culture within Artspace and interacting with the greater community in Raleigh.

Tayler Drattlo

Clarence Heyward

Studio 215A

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Clarence Heyward is a painter and collagist. He relocated to North Carolina to study Art Education at North Carolina Central University.

He creates paintings and collages as an exploration of his culture. Clarence’s artistic practice is based in the questioning of his identity and circumstance. He seeks ways to engage in dialogues that ultimately leave him connected to those who experience his work. His work is personal. Although creating from his perspective, the human element present in the work creates a connection for all.

The social engagement that Artspace provides is a rare opportunity that allows for direct interaction with the public. This will push my practice into new directions as I gain new perspectives from patrons and obtain wisdom from other artists. While I have never had a studio that’s open to the public, I am looking forward to the experience. My work is usually meant to provoke conversation, this residency will provide added depth/layers to these dialogues as I get feedback from the public.

Clarence Hewyard