AMY WILSON-STRONKS’ work is solidly driven by the farm and nature. Her two most popular series of work are Barn and Animal Squares. Amy’s work reflects her love of color and respect for nature and animals.  Her background in Textile Design comes out in her abstractions. She loves pattern and movement. Finding interesting forms in nature and abstracting forms from images inspires much of her work. For Amy art is a form of therapy and self-care. The therapeutic value is heightened with positive social interactions that occur while viewing the piece. Painting helps bring her clarity while also provoking thought. She prefers abstract style as it allows more room for interpretation. Putting the paint on the surface is a mental release, and the color evokes movement and emotion.  As she states, “Abstractions can reveal unexpected beauty in what is common or heighten the beauty of what we already deem lovely.  For me, art is feeling and emotion. I love the color in the world, and I try to bring it forward in my work. I also imagine a better world.  Sometimes the canvas (or the window glass or wood panel on which I work) allows me to paint a prettier picture than that which is in front of me. I like my artistic license.”  Amy has collectors across the US and Canada. Her collectors appreciate the vibrant colors of her paintings, and the attention paid to color choice. Her paintings also tend to create a mood of joy, which is what Amy feels on the farm and in nature.