VLADIMIR VITKOVSKY is a surrealist artist who creates a world of unique personalities in his oil paintings, black and white ink works, and sculptures.

Vitkovsky was born in Russia in 1950. He studied art at three prestigious St. Petersburg Art Schools, learning techniques from various Russian teachers and then breaking away and experimenting on his own. Since establishing himself in the US in 1989, Vladimir’s work has been exhibited widely, including at American and European galleries and auctions.

Vitkovsky was awarded first place at the Boston Copley Association of Artists yearly competition and the Swedish International Art Competition Art Addiction. He has also received several other honorable mentions and diplomas at juried group exhibitions in Europe. The list of his patrons includes the Dupont family and His Eminence Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, Archbishop Emeritus of Toronto. Vitkovsky relocated from San Francisco to settled down in Holly Springs, NC.