(on left) detail of painting by Alexandre Emmanuel that (on right) Oami Powers remixed as a garment for her sculpture.


18 Artspace Artists // September 3 - October 30 2021

ReMix is a collaborative exhibition featuring the work of 18 Artspace artists. The exhibition is inspired by the community of diverse artists working across multiple media under one roof.  Once the pandemic started, many artists experienced a creative block. Studio Artist, Adriana Ameigh saw a potential solution to this problem through the creative exchange of work among her peers.  Instead of covering up, or tossing out, unresolved work, the art was swapped among the participating artists. The new recipients of the work approached the piece with fresh eyes and could incorporate their own style and techniques – resulting in interesting collaborations that reveal both artists’ marks. In addition to the creation of new works, the project became an avenue for experimentation and discovery removing the boundaries of one’s personal style or medium. Works of art that somehow became stuck, remained unfinished, or unresolved are reimagined and transformed by another artist and represent the power of community and collaboration. 

Works of art that somehow became stuck, remained unfinished, or unresolved are reimagined and transformed

Participating Artists​

Adriana Ameigh (Studio 216)

Fernanda Batista (Studio 103)

Colleen Beesley (Studio 108)

Jane Cheek (Studio 217)

Barb Cherry (Studio 216)

Davis Choun (Studio 202)

Tayler Drattlo (Studio 215)

Alexandre Emmanuel (Studio 219)

Ryan Fox 

Jim Hallenbeck (Studio 205)

Ellen Hathaway 

Kathy King (Studio 110)

Danyelle Lakin (Studio 102)

Oami Powers (Studio 204)

 Jackie Sanders (Studio 220)

Debbie Secan (Studio 213)

At left: Silent Restraints; in this artwork Jackie Sanders remixed a watercolor by Ryan Fox. Above: Original work by Ellen Hathaway that was remixed into the following work (below) by Barb Cherry.