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CAROL SPRUILL’S subject matter is wide-ranging – abstract to semi-representational, landscapes to still life. A watercolorist in her early years of painting, since 2008, her work has been primarily in oil with some in acrylic, oil over acrylic, and cold wax and oil and in the last several years has done an extensive amount of digital art. With all this variety, the cohesion is the boldness of the color and the play with texture. She also makes her art work available in products such as scarves and serving trays, notecards, fine art prints and metal prints.

Spruill took drawing while she was a student at UNC, and has taken classes in watercolor, oil, acrylics, cold wax, palette-knife painting, and pottery. She is an avid reader about both historical and contemporary art. Some of her most exciting experiences are from spending hours in museums before paintings that make her heart soar. She receives inspiration from thousands of photographs that she takes during travels, as well as around her home, garden and neighborhood.

Spruill has received the first place award at an art show at Duke Law School and honorable mention at a Duke University-wide art competition after which her work was displayed at Duke Medical Center. She served as Chair of the 2016 North Carolina Artists Exhibition. She was selected for the Artspace Corridors exhibition in 2017.