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DIANA MALIN sees a painting in everything. Her loves of travel, world markets and bazaars, fashion, nature, food and cooking, interiors, and especially people trigger her ideas onto the canvas.

She is an intuitive abstract painter who faces a blank board with no clear idea of what will happen. By adding layer upon layer and constantly revising, an original painting is developed.

Diana has a background as one of the foremothers of the Visual Image Industry. With her speech masters training and fashion background she was uniquely qualified to coach and style television anchors, personalities, and two U.S. presidents, nationwide.

After moving to New Zealand for eight years she studied with top tutors Danny Hill, Mike Peeples, and Mathew Browne. Her continued study includes Nicholas Wilton’s intensive Art2Life courses and in person study in Mallorca, Spain and his continued mentorship in The Academy, and her continuing mentorship with Alice Sheridan and Judy Woods. In addition, Diana feels very lucky to have a local Triangle Art Group consisting of five of the most gentle but honest and helpful artists. And her invaluable children, Justus and Lauren who have been with her on her journey from the beginning. She is also grateful for her dearest friend, Beth Shalev, for her ever helpful reactions, brainstorms, and help in every
aspect of her art.

Upon returning to the states and living in Dallas, her work was a favorite of many Interior Designers who placed her work in offices and homes all over America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Presently, Diana is looking forward to working and exhibiting in the wonderfully diverse Artspace in downtown Raleigh and her upcoming solo show in October at The Edge Gallery. 

Diana lives with her husband and greatest supporter and love and their golden doodle, Sunny. They live in Raleigh, North Carolina and spend their summers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Abstract painting by Diana Malin
Abstract painting in warm colors by Diana Malin
Diana Malin poses with one of her paintings and her dog