WILEY JOHNSON is a talented artist who has autism spectrum disorder. He lives alone, but doesn’t drive. He cannot live and work truly independent as an artist living with autism.  Wiley has a dream that paintings will be his profession. He is only able to continue his dream through the support of his family and those who buy his art. Wiley’s Abstract Art, LLC is the entity used to manage and sell Wiley’s paintings. 

Wiley has no formal art training, but started painting as a hobby in 2009. He enjoys painting with acrylics on canvas, in an abstract style, but also likes painting on recycled materials and small wooden crafts. He has participated multiple times in the Brushes with Life art exhibition at NC Neurosciences Hospital in Chapel Hill and exhibited at a number of art galleries and events in the Raleigh, NC area over the years.

painting by Wiley Johnson