ASHLEY HARRINGTON is an expressionist painter exploring identity through intuitive mark-making and organic shapes.  She has explored a variety of subjects, including landscapes, portraits and abstraction, to understand her style and direction. Her current work brings intention and focus to her inner artist and outer form, transferring raw movement onto canvas. Twisting figures have developed as she explores views of the female form through her everyday experiences. Harrington paints on canvases large enough to utilize full-body movement when creating intuitive marks. She works primarily with acrylic paints but often mixes in other mediums depending on the desired effect. Her go-to tools are palette knives, big brushes, hands, and spray bottles.
Harrington is based in Raleigh, and is a self-taught artist with some formal art education in secondary school and college. After a decade working in an unsatisfying corporate environment, she began painting on the side and fell back in love with art. She embraced her renewed passion and created her business, Bleeding Art Studio, in 2020. Since then, Harrington has enjoyed creating originals, commissions and reproduction art. Her art has also been part of solo and group exhibitions in the Raleigh-Durham area including Duke hospitals, Industrious Offices, and Artspace.