detail of painting by Lisa Hancock


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LISA CHASSEVENT HANCOCK was born into a family of makers who found value in most items others had thrown away. Her father, an engineer, and her mother, a kindergarten teacher and home economics specialist, homesteaded in rural Georgia and raised their family on a hobby farm. Hancock learned to look around and repurpose to problem solve.  She also found expansiveness and connection with nature while she grew up learning about simple life. She naturally found expression through art and crafting. She attended the University of Georgia, and later, Cayton State University.

Hancock continued to create for herself and others throughout her young adult life. She had one of the first Etsy stores where she sold handmade bags and totes.  She designed children’s costumes and clothes and made countless home decor items. In 2015, Hancock and her daughter, Faith, started an Indie Craft slow fashion business. They dyed, printed, and sewed clothing and home decor. They sold their goods via Etsy and local art/craft venues under the name of Sample House Studio. Lisa consistently painted throughout her life but did not consider becoming professional until her daughter took abstract instruction from artist Ellan Hathaway. Hancock sat in on one of the instructional sessions and from that point on she was hooked and continued to research and practice her craft. 

Hancock likes to paint in the abstract and over time developed her own style. She now sells her paintings along with her and Faith’s other creations under the Sample House Studios Brand.