This Ain't That

Byron Johnson, Daniel Hall + Brittany Santiago // Fall 2021

This Ain’t That is a series of monthly shows by Byron Johnson and Daniel Hall, featuring the artwork of Brittany Santiago.

2021 Event dates: September 18October 16November 13 // 7-9pm, doors open at 6pm

Events take place in Artspace’s Gallery 2 and are FREE, but please register in advance, so that we many anticipate attendance. Please note that masks are required while at Artspace.

The show does not attempt to provide answers –
this ain’t that.

September 18 // Kayfabe: Identity and Reality

Byron Johnson and Daniel Hall are Raleigh-based comedians, writers, and producers. During their fall residency at Artspace, Hall and Johnson will produce a three-part series of monthly shows titled, This Ain’t That. Each month, the series explores a new theme and provides a brave space to showcase, and celebrate, a variety of creatives and thinkers whose work lives under the big tent of black identity.

September Theme: Identity, framed with the professional wrestling concept of Kayfabe.

Kayfabe Definition noun. (in professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic.


  • Brittany Santiago ( Visual Artist)

A Conversation with Deonte Thomas and Darius Lockhart:

  • Deonte Thomas (Public Defender, Wrestling Fan)
  • Darius Lockhart (Professional Wrestler)

Performances By:

  • Jordan Brasil (Comedian, Short Film Maker)
  • Pamela Zabela (Comedian, PhD Student)
  • Ampston Hews (Comedian, Producer)

Music By:

  • Kyoju (Producer)

Daniel Hall + Byron Johnson