Claire Alexandre, Adaptation, from the Mountains to Sea Tale series, detail, acrylic on canvas, 2022

Anti Solo

Claire Alexandre + Fruit of the Cosmos

August 5 - September 25, 2022

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For North Carolina based artist Claire Alexandre (she/they), painting has allowed them to harness their world view to express the interconnectivity of the natural environment and the people who reside in it. For Alexandre, painting functions as both a storytelling and a map-making tool that leaves traces for future generations to understand the stories of our present and our ancestral past as they relate to specific places.

Alexandre works to subvert the history of the exploitation of Black and brown bodies represented in visual culture by forming deep intentional relationships with who she paints. By moving away from the traditional notion of subject she establishes lasting connections. One way that she achieves this is through a unique process of painting with soil. She develops relationships with the person she is painting, learns about the places that they have inhabited, and collects soil from locations meaningful to them. The earth functions as a living pigment that is used to depict the likeness of the subject on the canvas, imbuing it with place and time while memorializing the significance of the person whose trace is left in those particular spaces. 

This approach, in which accountability for representation is shared between painter and subject, is mirrored in the way in which Alexandre used their Summer Residency at Artspace. For them, this experience represented an opportunity to share space with black, brown and queer creators in their community, welcoming them to further their artistic practice, and providing access to artists who have historically been denied opportunities in the art world. Visitors to the gallery will experience works by Alexandre alongside textiles, moving images, and sound work created by artists who were invited to share the space. Collaborators include: Azzan Quick (he/him): clay, photography, film; AJ Williams (he/him): videography, sound; Charla Hodges (she/her): fabric, textiles; Michelle Lanier (she/her): multimedia; Joaquín Carcaño (he/him): multimedia sculpture; Juju Holton (they/them): multimedia; Taari Coleman (she/they): sculpture; and Catherine Edgerton (she/they): paint. 

By breaking away from the traditional solo exhibition model, and opening the conversation beyond themself, Alexandre uses their art as a tool towards community building and collective healing. The resulting exhibition serves as a call to action for all of us to seek connection with the people and environment we encompass and take responsibility for all that surrounds us.  


By breaking away from the traditional solo exhibition model, and opening the conversation beyond themself, Alexandre uses their art as a tool towards community building and collective healing.

Woman in profile with plants adorning her hair

Claire Alexandre, Of Place, Of Power / Azzan, paper and acrylic on canvas, 2022

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Fruit of the Cosmos

Top row, left–right: Michelle Lanier, Azzan Quick, Joaquín Carcaño. 

Bottom row, left–right: AJ Williams, Claire Alexandre, Taari Coleman. 

Participating artists not pictured: Catherine Edgerton, Juju Holton, Charla Hodges. 

Photo by Carolina Cosmic Collective. Creative Director: Jessica Douglas. Photographer: Jessica Bratton.

In this video, 2022 Artspace Summer Artist in Residence Claire Alexandre shares about their journey, process and intention for this residency.

Claire Alexandre is a Diaspora child, Abolitionist feminist storyteller and student of ecologies who weaves autobiographical reflections with ancestral wisdom. Through mixed media paintings and street art, they elaborate detailed portraits infused with notions of struggles and strength that exist at the intersection between environmental, gender, and racial justice. They seek to deepen our collective understanding of community prosperity and its close ties with sustainable land stewardship. Claire Alexandre was the Artspace 2022 Summer Artist in Residence.