GRACE MARTIN FRANKLIN is an abstract artist based in Raleigh, NC. She was born in Goldsboro, NC and attended Meredith College where she earned a BFA in Interior Design and Studio Art. Grace Martin went on to earn a K-12 teaching license in art and currently works at Longleaf School of the Arts as a Visual Art Teacher and Dean of the Arts.

She spends each day developing her own artistic style while creating, modeling, brainstorming, and experimenting with her students. She combines her love of interior design, color, and line work into her passion for experimentation in her art. Each work follows the feelings, chaos, creativity, and fulfillment she experiences in the classroom. The joy she gets from teaching and creating with her students lends itself to the wide variety of processes and styles she uses in her own works. Grace Martin’s art is currently displayed at Taste and Whiskey Kitchen in Raleigh.