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For the past eleven years, GABRIELLA CORTER has been living in Raleigh, though she has lived most of her life in Canada. After graduating from the University of British Columbia, she moved to Toronto to complete a painting degree at the OCAD University in 2003.

Most of her art is impulsive-there is no specific plan in her mind when creating a painting, a sculpture or a photograph. An idea comes to her, and then is explored through various media. If the result is compelling, a series may come of it. This is why she likes to explore diverse media as certain ideas lend themselves best to specific forms of art. Corter frequently portrays the non-human animals of this world. Her special affinity with these creatures comes through in many of her works.

Corter is a veteran teacher of the Artspace Summer Arts Program, and teaches during the school year at Artspace. Her works can be found at the Visual Art Exchange, at Rebus Works and at the Shop at Greenhill Center for NC Arts. Her art hangs at in Raleigh, in the permanent collection of Van Every/Smith Galleries Davidson College North Carolina, as well as in many private collections around the nation.