detail of work by Susan Martin

Susan Martin, Forged Cairn 10, detail

In the Building


A grassroots local exhibition by women + non-binary artists
Part of the global 2023 Taking Up Space initiative

Organized by Jean Gray Mohs (Studio 110)
Juried by Jameela F. Dallis Ph.D.

Corridors Exhibition // April - June // Reception: May 5

The work women and non-binary artists create is essential and deserves to be seen. In its second year, Taking Up Space invites women and non-binary artists living and working in the Triangle into conversation with each other and the broader community. 

In May 2022, there were 80 worldwide Taking Up Space exhibitions happening simultaneously. From bookstores to front porches to The Pocket Gallery in Raleigh, women and non-binary artists were creating space for their art–not asking for permission. This year there are 97 planned exhibitions and counting worldwide. 

Last year, we were 8 women showing together in The Pocket Gallery, and this year, we’ve extended the call. With this exhibition, we call attention to our past, present, and future. We support and elevate–we scaffold–voices, visions, and multiple ways of expressing and being in the world by women and non-binary artists. We share our histories, our inspirations, and our differences. We open space for us to celebrate, frame, and reframe our experiences, relationships, and connections–what joins us, what scaffolds us together. 

Through Scaffold, we invite you into the conversation and encourage you to support women and non-binary artists by buying their art, making room for them at the table, connecting them with your networks, and investing in their dreams.

Interested? Reach out to join in the conversation:

Participating Artists

  • Abigail Flynt
  • Amelia VB Shull
  • Ash Lorusso
  • Barb Cherry
  • Cassandra Rowe
  • Christine Hager-Braun
  • Cindy Morefield
  • Claire Kiester
  • Erin Ives
  • Gabrielle Grabowski
  • Haley Garvis
  • Hannah Taylor
  • Ina Liu
  • Jackie Sanders
  • Joanna Moody
  • Julie Anne Greenberg
  • Kathryn Desplanque
  • Kelly S Murray
  • Kristen Solecki
  • Ley Killeya
  • Mailande Moran
  • Makala Muhammed
  • Marsha Glickman
  • Megan Corbally
  • Megan Thomas Cronin
  • Michelle Wilkie
  • Natacha Villamia Sochat
  • Natasja Brezenski
  • Paget Fink
  • Pattie McAlister
  • Robyn Scott
  • Sara-Rose
  • Sarah Agatha Band
  • SJ Hall
  • Susan Martin
  • Sydney McBride
  • Theresa Pastoriza-Tan