l-r: detail of work by Barb Cherry, detail of work by Shelley Smith

l-r: detail of a painting by Barb Cherry; Shelley Smith, Friends of My Youth, No. 2, detail

In the Building

Corridors exhibition

Barb Cherry + Shelley Smith

This season features paintings by Barb Cherry and closed edition digital prints on aluminum and digital prints on fabric with hand embroidery by Shelley Smith throughout the building.

Shelley Smith is an artist living and working in her hometown of Raleigh. She is the co-founder and Director of Anchorlight. Friends of My Youth is a series of compositions printed on aluminum in a closed edition of five prints per composition. Works from her series The World is Too Full are also on exhibition, featuring photos printed on fabric that have been altered with hand embroidery.

Barb Cherry grew up in NC, raised in the military town of Fayetteville. She later moved to Raleigh after graduating high school and obtained degrees in Psychology from Wake Tech and Studio Art from Meredith College. She co-mingled these two subjects and started creating art about avoided topics, like mental health. Initially, she began these concepts to raise awareness to the commonality of others suffering from similar conditions. Now, she is moving towards including her own health struggles to connect with the viewer on a more personal level. Barb Cherry is an Artspace Studio Artist (Studio 102).