detail of work by Davis Choun

work by Davis Choun, detail

In the Building

Mark Blanchard, Maria Frati, + Davis Choun

This season our corridors feature artwork by Artspace Studio artists Mark Blanchard (Studio 107), Maria Frati (Studio 208), and Davis Choun (Studio 202)

MARK BLANCHARD is a NC native, born in Tarboro, and currently calls Durham his home. He started his artistic journey at an early age with drawing and painting. After a love of music came along, he ended up playing in a psychedelic-rock band in Raleigh in the late 80’s. When the Rockstar vision fizzled, photography became his main exploration and continues to be his main artistic inspiration today, but now with more of an abstract examination.

These days he is still creative in photography, but mostly he is spending his artistic energy developing fabric collages and primitive painting, that uncovers the childlike visions that only a naive hand can produce.

With any of these artistic journeys, Mark’s playful energy is to create a mood with his art that’s more airy than grounded, foolish rather than factual, but in the end, sincere enough to generate feelings and emotions within the viewer.

Mark has exhibited at the Durham Art Guild, Carrack Gallery and Duke University Hospital.

painting by Mark Blanchard

DAVIS CHOUN is a Raleigh-based artist working in sculpture and digital media. Choun received a Bachelors of Art + Design from NCSU in 2015. He was an Artspace Regional Emerging Artist in Residence January – July 2017. Recent exhibitions include Saucey, NCSU; The Hyper Real, Manchester UK; and Self, Observed, NC Museum of Art.

detail of work by Davis Choun

work by Davis Choun

MARIA FRATI’S Maria is an oil painter and relief printmaker who grew up in the woods of Maine and hails from a family of artists. Maria has exhibited in Seattle, Baltimore, Asheville and Portland, Maine. She also served as an Artist in Residence for the National Parks Foundation. Maria is currently represented by Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC. Before relocating to Raleigh, Maria worked as a high school art teacher in New York City. 

“My work is a mix of observation and personal fable about memory and experience in the natural world. I’m currently investigating the oppositional forces and tensions embedded in nature. For example the fragility and brutality of life cycles. These cycles were impactful on my young life in rural Maine where I spent lots of time observing and communing with these spaces. More recently, my journey through pregnancies, miscarriages and young children root me back to these spaces and their forces. I’m reminded of my animalness and the ways that this has made me feel powerless and small and simultaneously connected and alive. I hope my work conveys the movement, fragility and alchemy of these elements.”

print by Maria Frati

print by Maria Frati

Día de Muertos Ofrenda | Peter Marin

Artspace studio artist, Peter Marin (Studio 105) has created a beautiful ofrenda in our lobby to celebrate Día de Muertos. This particular ofrenda honors all of the loved ones that we have lost, including those we have lost due to COVID-19. We have all been affected by this pandemic, and we want to offer our communities an opportunity to remember and celebrate these lives together. Anyone who would like to participate, should bring a photograph or small object to represent a loved one.

Familias Separadas at Artspace

On June 4, 2021, artist Michelle Angela Ortiz unveiled Phase 3 of her Familias Separadas project, which focuses on the stories of families living in the US and how they have been impacted by detention and deportations.

On Artspace’s exterior, Ortiz installed three banners, 10 x 20 feet, of portraits that highlight the stories of undocumented community members that reside in or near Raleigh. These banners are on view through the fall.

detail of banner created by Michelel Angela Oritz