rings by Hyungzee Choi


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HYUNGZEE CHOI was born and raised in Korea after its industrialization period. Much of her earlier memories consist of following her father, a mechanical engineer, around the busy alleyways, factories, and warehouses of Cheonggyecheon. She grew to love the smell of machine oil, the whirring and clanging of tools, and the functional aesthetic of machines. For the past 18 years, she has resided in NYC and has found other sources of inspiration in the busy city from simple construction scaffolding to architecture. Over the past 30 years, her experiences and interests have guided her artwork. Now, she aims to express industrialism and minimalism by repurposing parts of machines as wearable jewelry to address the social issues around us.

Hyungzee Choi, Vase
Hyungzee Choi, Necklace
Hyungzee Choi, Bracelet
Hyungzee Choi, Rings