Leila Bohn, Faith Connections, detail


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LEILA BOHN is a Brazilian visual artist, currently residing in Raleigh, NC. She divides her time between her home studio and trips to Brazil, where she draws inspiration, creates art and features some of her work. She is a founding member of the Casa 345 Collective, a group of artists committed to teaching and sharing art in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She remains engaged in this community, finding partnerships within it to realize her creative processes and, sporadically, develop courses and workshops.

Art as an expressive language has been her north star, guiding her trajectory as both an artist and educator. Bohn’s work stems from the need to bring to life a symbolic content which cannot be translated into words. It is in the acrylic painting, watercolor, in the integration of collage, photography, painting and drawing that she finds the resources to express her way of seeing and being in the world. Colors, gestures, textures, and shapes are the visual elements that inspire her, allowing her to move between construction and deconstruction, comfort and discomfort. Through this, she stimulates reflections on the interplay of the expectations and the reality of being and acting in the world, suggesting a rupture in the stereotypical way in which we often conceive and look at painting and at ourselves.