Work by Carson Whitmore, fabric collage/quilt on wood, Title: Holed Up, Squirreled Away

Ex Residence

Carson Whitmore

February 18-April 24, 2022 // Gallery 2

“As for many others throughout the pandemic, my relationship with my home has encompassed a significant part of my life. I’ve become intimately acquainted with the unique character of the old farmhouse where I reside—the patchwork of upkeep, the strange and unchanged decisions of past residents, and the mutable boundaries between the inside and outside world. 

I am interested in the folk etymology that conceives of the threshold as a literal place, an area just outside the home where material was processed (“holding the threshings”). My current body of work emerges from this conceptual space, with quilting as an entry point. I construct pieces from found domestic objects and use the “threshings” from one exploration as the foundation for another. I see these quilted pieces as inhabiting the border between sculpture and painting.  

Ex Residence are works “out of” my home, which has doubled as my studio this past year. These pieces are material offerings of a time and place where I am both artist and resident.” 

-Carson Whitmore

Detail of exhibition with sculptural work by Zipporah C. Thompson

Shape Shifters

Zipporah C. Thompson

February 18-April 16, 2022 // Gallery 1

Atlanta-based artist, Zipporah C. Thompson’s sculptural work explores universal ideals and personal identity through objects of ritual and transformation. Magic, shape-shifting and hybrid objects become a lens towards understanding the human condition. Found objects, ceramics and textiles create a richly patterned and textural experience for the viewer.