Allan Rosenbaum + Regina Jestrow

December 2 – February 12, 2022 // Gallery 2

This two person show will feature the work of Florida artist Regina Jestrow and Virginia artist Allan Rosenbaum

Jestrow’s textile-based practice challenges the forms and structures of quilts while considering the values of quilt-making traditions, including the role of arts and craft in activism throughout history. She manipulates traditional patterns with improvisation, use of raw edges to accentuate human flaws and materials which symbolize deterioration, labor and rebirth. 

Rosenbaum’s work explores the intersection of craft, art, and design. His non objective sculptures have meticulously constructed resin clay skins and “fabric mâché “ skeletons made from layers of patterned textile scraps. The forms are inspired by tags, typography, botanical structures and mid-century design.

When We Are Still Together


Jan-Ru Wan

December 2 – February 12, 2022 // Gallery 1

This installation by Taiwanese-American artist Jan-Ru Wan will include a projection of foot-shaped silk ensembles stitched on fans and suspended over the skyline of Taipei, Taiwan. Each silk foot dances in space without touching each other but has a relationship in the social distance. In addition to the projection, the gallery will be filled with the silk feet suspended on moving fans. The experience demonstrates to visitors how it feels to be “in other people’s shoes” across time and space.