detail of painting by Cristiana Rioli


CRISTIANA RIOLI has lived in Cary, NC for ten years, after her family relocated from Italy.

As a self-taught artist, she started exploring the never-ending possibilities of acrylic painting with still life and landscapes. In the last five years, she has found her voice in non-objective painting, and her style combines mixed media techniques in acrylic, soft, and oil pastels with collage bits on texturized surfaces. The result is an ever-shifting collection of paintings on wood boards, canvas, and paper.

She recently discovered oil painting and cold wax, and the continuous dance between adding and subtracting expands her creativity and challenges the way she experiments with color and texture.

Rioli shares, “Painting is my therapy. As humans, we need to analyze, organize and understand our emotions and fears, and translating feelings into shapes and colors is particularly effective for me. I use my inner voice and feelings to paint and celebrate love, acceptance, and forgiveness.”

Cristiana Rioli, Cold Wax 9
Cristiana Rioli, Sunset Beach 01
Cristiana Rioli, Santa Maria in Flore
Cristiana Rioli, Milano Duomo