Studio Artist Community Guidelines

Artspace inspires positive community impact through art.

Artspace is the largest open studio artist community under one roof in North Carolina. Our studio artists pledge to uphold this series of community guidelines on an annual basis to ensure that we are a thriving community and hub of creativity for artists to share work space, ideas, and inspiration. Artists are at the heart of Artspace and through having a working studio space within our community, they are partners in our mission to create positive community impact through art. In order to achieve this vision our studio artists agree to commit to the following:

    • Value the dignity and humanity of all people
    • Prioritize my creative process. My studio’s main function is to serve as my primary work space.
    • Seek growth and challenges both professional and personal.
    • Maintain high expectations of myself and my fellow studio artists while respecting each other’s time and space
    • Make an effort to connect with my fellow studio artists.
    • Take advantage of the opportunities afforded to me.
    • Engage in our unique community through participation in at least 12 community engagement events including First Fridays, field trips and tours, teaching opportunities, or artist talks annually.
    • Remove barriers to the creative process by sharing processes, techniques, ideas, time and energy with our community.
    • Keep studio hours for a minimum of 15–20 hours a week during our regular public hours.
    • Be a steward and advocate for Artspace in the community.