ADAM D. COHEN’S professional creative career began early when, in high school, his political cartoons were regularly printed on The Charlotte Observer’s editorial pages. He attended UNC-Chapel Hill with the hope of joining the ranks of his political-cartoonist heroes. Then college exposed him to new fields of illustration and fine art that launched his journey as a visual artist.

In Chapel Hill and later while earning an MFA at The Savannah College of Art and Design, he fell in love with figure drawing, and the human form was central to years of visual exploration. He resisted showing this work publicly as he experimented with mediums and content, searching for his own voice, while working in other creative fields to support himself and his family. Equally skilled as a writer, Adam’s wide-ranging career has included work as an advertising creative director, copywriter, illustrator, comedian, film director and animator.

In recent years, having crossed his “10,000th hour” of apprenticeship, Adam’s visual art came to full fruition. A unique approach to – and love for – composition and color took center stage in his creative life, and he began generating work at an exciting pace. These were the images that had been clamoring to emerge for decades.