detail of Midtown, painting by Kristen Adkins

T. KRISTEN ADKINS is a re-emerging artist that is making her way back to the art world after a 20 plus year hiatus to work in the aviation industry. Kris graduated from Fayetteville State University in 1997 with a BA in History and a minor in Fine Art.

Kris left her career and the Raleigh area and moved to Oak Island, NC in the spring of 2020, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter, 2 house rabbits, and Corgi.

While always dabbling in paint and creative endeavours, she committed to working seriously at her art after moving to the coast. Her pieces are abstract and abstract figurative works created by layering acrylic paint in bright, bold, and contrasting colors. She will sometimes mix paper, metal foils, fiber, ink and oils into the layers.

Kris is heavily influenced by Klimt, Seurat, Pollock, and most recently Mark Bradford. The ideas for her paintings primarily come from dreams, and during meditation, and then she paints intuitively, allowing the paint and materials to dictate direction

Painting by Kristen Adkins, image of blue-footed booby
Painting by Kristen Adkins, image of butterfly
Live Oak, painting by Kristen Adkins