Ways to Engage

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Bending Light

Tayler Drattlo (Studio 215) is one of Artspace’s 2021 Emerging Artists in Residence. Born in Texas, Tayler’s goal is to capture her experience as a Texan through neon. She is taking the neon practice beyond the traditional application of use for commercial sign making by pushing the physical and conceptual limits of the medium while still preserving the integrity of this 100-year-old craft. Learn more about what it takes to bend neon and create your own illuminated works of art with the activities below!

Rodeo Roses Coloring Page

Tayler Drattlo (Studio 215) designed this Rodeo Roses coloring page! Use this on its own or with the Bending Light activity above!

Symbolism, Identity + Storytelling

Clarence Heyward (Studio 215a), one of Artspace’s 2021 Emerging Artists in Residence, creates thought-provoking images of those who are often not represented or misrepresented in fine art through painting, collage, and drawing. Many of his recent works are portraits that explore identity and tell stories through symbolism.

Natural Worlds

Maja Godlewska creates immersive paintings swirling with color and texture that invite viewers to slow down and carefully examine the rolling surfaces inspired by nature. After viewing her show in Gallery 1, Trophy Vistas, create your own large scale painting of nature. Capture all of the rich details, textures, and colors seen outside your window or create an entirely new world from your imagination!

Mailable Art

Art is a way we can connect with friends and family. Two of Artspace’s current exhibitions – Surviving Art and Cross Currents – tell the stories of how art has been a form of communication that has strengthened relationships through time. Even when you can’t be face to face, art can serve as a way to stay in touch.

Make a creative postcard depicting your local landscape. Send this card to a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while and challenge them to mail a response back!