detail of fiber piece by Trudy Thomson

TRUDY THOMSON is a fiber artist who works with a variety of materials and media. For her tapestries, she swipes across the loom and positions yarn that varies in color, texture, and tone. As a result what one views is carefully planned but also contains random features that unexpectedly materialize in the design.

Her marbled pieces for display are applied by hydroprinting acrylics to silk or rice paper.  To begin she applies drops of paints to a prepared size then she dips and swirls through what appear as pebbled stones. The fabric is then gently positioned on what appears and is lifted. The overlays of different patterns make each piece graphic and unique.

Trudy Thomson has been a weaver since the early seventies when she attended classes at Rochester Institute of Technology and later refined her visual art skills with a Masters Degree in Media/Design at UNC-Chapel Hill a few years later.