As a child, SHERRI STEWART watched her mother paint black and white photographs using oils to add color.  She worked on a drafting table in their home and Sherri tagged along when her mother visited the photography studio in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Sherri distinctly recalls the odors of the dark room and the smell of turpentine as her mother worked. Her mother was also a phenomenal painter and was Sherri’s inspiration into the world of art. 

With a bachelor degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration, Sherri stifled her creative passion for over 20 years as she worked as an executive in that field.  As a result, her work reflects her personal transition from a structured corporate environment to an unstructured, free flowing inquisitive journey. It entails a spiritual awakening and a focus on reflection and growth. 

Sherri thoroughly enjoys painting abstract works using various mediums and especially using texture to add an additional layer of intrigue. Her most recent passion is painting with the unpredictability of alcohol inks as the finished product is an evolution of the interaction of the ink with the paper. The alcohol ink enhances a depth and translucency that she finds both fascinating and exciting and like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get.