JERRY SIEGAN’S paintings are called Complex Minimalism because they reflect the intersection of two contrasting art expressions – complex abstract expressionism and minimalism. The complex backgrounds are developed using abstract expressionism techniques of unconstrained movements and ideas, experimenting with colors, varying brush strokes, scrapes, fortuitous movements, and multiple layers of rich colors and textures. In contrast, the minimal foreground images are created with brush strokes, movements and gestural marks that focus on the basic elements of art, specifically – line, shape and space and the relationship these elements to each other. His minimal foreground movements are inspired by Zen Brush Painting, an ancient calligraphic art-form that channels true creativity through “Mu-shin,” a “no-mind” meditative state beyond thought, emotions and expectations. Siegan adds multiple layers of varnish and mediums to separate the layers and to make the minimalism foreground images appear to float above the complex backgrounds. The contrast is balanced, resulting in simple, harmonious and ethereal, yet, complex, works of art and is an essential aspect of his work as it gives life to each piece. To create his works, Siegan uses acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, clear acrylic gel and acrylic enamel, and his works are done on canvas, gesso board (hard board), wood, wood blocks, rice paper and acid free mat board.