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BETH BLEACHER MASTICK has lived in Raleigh for 18+ years. Originally from New York, she has sought art as a refuge throughout her life, and finally embraced it as a calling after participating in the “Raleigh’s People in Portraits” class in 2018. Out of that experience she created “The Homeless Citizen’s Portrait Project” which consists of highly emotionally charged portraits of people from around the country who are experiencing homelessness. All proceeds go to funding awareness of homelessness in the United States. The project has recently evolved into “The people’s Portrait Project” and Mastick will offer her services to any marginalized community which might benefit from her abilities. Her portraits have been shown at the Block Gallery, and are currently on display at Pullen Arts Center and NoRa Café. Mastick also works in abstract, and abstract figuration. She paints with acrylics, house paint, oil sticks, acrylic markers and anything else that comes her way, She paints on canvas, cardboard, wood, plastic, etc, and uses all manner of applied materials including wire, plant matter,  scrap metal, packaging waste, and various other materials.

Beth Mastick, abstract painting
Beth Mastick, abstract painting in pinks, purples and yellow
Beth Mastick, portrait of a man with a hat, painting
Beth Mastick, painting of a man in a hoodie