First Friday


Mar 04 2022


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

First Friday

March First Friday // March 4, 6–10pm

Join us for First Friday we’ll be open until 10pm! As we continue to navigate this pandemic, we ask you to please wear a mask in the galleries and corridors of the building to protect our artists community and staff at Artspace.

Gallery 1: Zipporah Camille Thompson // shape shifting Through April 14

Approaching craft traditions with an improvisational, imaginative wild and speculative futuristic approach, the work explores the body, otherness, and identity via hybrid landscapes. Composite landscapes combine highly tactile disparate materials such as wild woven textiles, fired clay, felted wool, paper pulp, handspun cord, plastic, and foraged objects. Tension and force unite discordant ephemera into handwoven cloth representing intimate processes of metamorphosis.  

Gallery 2: Carson Whitmore // Ex Residence, Through April 24

After completing her Artspace Regional Emerging Artist Residency in January 2021, Carson Whitmore has completed a body of work in direct response to her experiences during quarantine.   Whitmore has long been fascinated with found objects that provide narrative engagement both within and removed from their original context.  During her months at home on her farm in rural NC, Whitmore began to explore her immediate surroundings in new ways.  She created a series of quilts that cover the entire face of her home and displayed them in situ.  Taken out of the context of their referenced environment,  these monumental works speak more broadly to our collective experience of home and it’s shifting meaning during a global pandemic.  

Upfront Gallery: Wiley Johnson + Rachard McIntyre // Across the Spectrum, Through April 30

In the Building //  

Corridors: Gab Corter (Studio 108), Jennifer Clifton, Tonya Thornton