msha.ke/lovesimply // PITTSBORO, NC

LEA CICERARO is an artist, photographer, and writer living and working in Pittsboro, NC, and is the Owner of Love Me Simply Photography. She shares: “I am primarily a portrait artist with a secondary interest in the natural world and abandoned objects or structures nestled among it. The hidden stories amongst each of these dimensions of existence constantly intrigue me. As a female autistic photographer with ADHD, film photography has always been my favorite medium of expression to explore these fascinations. It helps me dive into my special interests and curiosities, right alongside my imperfections. The tangibility of holding a film negative and then a print of an image I worked so hard to achieve in camera, brings a sense of peace and inspiration that has motivated me to create throughout my entire life. Art brings balance and calm to my soul in a way no other endeavor has been able to.”