BARB CHERRY-thebarbart: n., a cutting remark on avoided subject matter. 

Barb Cherry grew up in NC, raised in the military town of Fayetteville. She later moved to Raleigh after graduating high school and obtained degrees in Psychology from Wake Tech and Studio Art from Meredith College. She co-mingled these two subjects and started creating art about avoided topics, like mental health. Initially, she began these concepts to raise awareness to the commonality of others suffering from similar conditions. Now, she is moving towards including her own health struggles to connect with the viewer on a more personal level. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: I have experimented with the majority of two-dimensional mediums, including encaustics and printmaking. Oil paint is my main choice because of its manageability allowing detail and transparency. I use Surrealism to have a relatable image in an alternate reality to heighten the subject matter.  This approach creates a visual that can be relatable, while thought-provoking through its abnormality.

My desire in art is to form a complete circle of art and community.  I want the art to allow growth within myself and others by creating a safe-space to discuss mental health disorders.  Since being at Artspace, I have had the bittersweet success of my art serving as a catalyst.  It is causing people to discuss personal experiences and ask for sources to continue or begin their healing.  Through our amazing network, the circle will soon be complete.”