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CYNTHIA BICKLEY-GREEN, along with Anne Truitt, Sam Gilliam, and Bob Stackhouse, was a part of a new cadre of Washington, DC artists active in the late 1960s and 1970s. It was during this time period, while Cynthia was painting and studying at the University of Maryland, that Washington Color School artists Kenneth Noland, Gene Davis, Tom Downing and Paul Reed were exhibiting in galleries together. Bickley-Green soon joined this group, creating her highly abstract paintings which often depict circular and curvilinear shapes and bright colors. Bickley-Green holds a doctorate of Philosophy of Art from the University of Georgia. She is presently a professor of art at East Carolina University. Her research and many publications explore the interaction of visual media and our personal and social identities. Recently her work was displayed at the Elberson Fine Arts Center at Salem College, The Arts Club of Washington, the MGM Grand Resort & Casino at National Harbor in Maryland, and the North Carolina Museum of Art.