Trudy Thomson

Chapel Hill, NC

Trudy Thomson has explored woven fabric structure, dyeing and decorative techniques since she first created fiber works in her early twenties. She first attended classes at Rochester Institute of Technology and later, to expand her repertoire, she attended five different sessions at Penland School of Crafts. Thomson is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild and participates in the Open Studio Tour each year. Her work has been exhibited at FRANK, Hillsborough Art Gallery, Bill Hester Fine Arts, Surroundings, NC Crafts Gallery, and other local galleries.

Thomson is drawn to rhythms and patterns found in the natural environment; she enjoys exploring the different ways that lines and shapes can juxtapose each other. Her “hydro-printed pieces” remind one of flowing water, cross currents of color, pulsing volcanic lava, fluttering leaves, and flurries of wings. In her tapestries her images flow, but in a stricter modern “intersection” of color and form.