Susan Quint

Raleigh, NC

Susan Quint grew up on Long Island, New York, surrounded by the Long Island Sound. As a young girl, Susan took her poodle-terrier, Peanuts, with her to sit on the rocks abutting the water to sketch and write. Nature was a santcuary for Susan, a place to reflect and to be at peace. Susan’s parents, Luisa and Joseph Cardia, owned and operated a pottery studio and gallery adjacent to their home in Greenport, Long Island. This is where Susan spent many hours reconstituting clay, mixing glazes and handbuilding pieces with clay. Although she enjoyed this time spent in the studio, Susan was drawn to sketching with pencil and charcol. During high school, she spent all her free periods in the art room, experimenting with as many mediums as were available to her. After collage, Susan veered from the art field and went to law school, working as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx, New York. Her love for art stayed with her and she spent many hours in the museums and galleries of New York City. Unfulfilled in her legal career, Susan owned and operated several businesses, including a cooking school in Boulder, Colorado, before she returned to her passion, fine art.