Stephen Cefalo

Raleigh, NC

Stephen Cefalo is an American artist in the traditions of Symbolism and the Baroque.  He was born in the hometown of Albrecht Durer (Nuremberg, Germany) on the birthday of three of his his heroes, Winslow Homer, Charles Le Brun, and Franz Von Stuck, and felt a calling from early childhood to become a painter. In his very first infant memory, he remembers gazing at the stained glass windows at Frauenkirche Cathedral in Nuremberg.  Living in a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia as a small child, he had a profound experience looking at presidential portraits during visits into the city.  Later, his aunt Marilyn, an accomplished classical artist in Southern Indiana, began giving him oil painting lessons at twelve years old.

During his undergraduate studies at the former Savannah Campus of the School of Visual Arts, Cefalo found mentors in Jeff Markowsky and Anthony Palliser. When SVA Savannah closed its doors in 1997, he was already married with his first child, and moved to the main campus in New York. There he studied with one of his heroes, Steven Assael, and Max Ginsburg. After graduation Stephen continued to study privately with Assael,  and completed his graduate studies in Painting in 2004 at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Formerly an instructor  at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Stephen currently paints full-time in Raleigh, NC.