Rosa Murillo

Huntersville, NC
(704) 966.9089

Rosa Murillo holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and is also a metalsmith, painter and sculptor.  Murillo grew up in Mexico, in a city on a valley surrounded by mountains and forests. The richness of nature has always been a big inspiration for her. Her work explores the colors that mother nature has to offer, often times expressed on an esthetic structural form.

Everything Murillo creates is handmade in her studio, every piece has been designed following the shape and grain of the wood, applying the flexibility of smooth metals, the rich colors of natural pigments and using a freestyle structural approach inspired by her background in architecture. The pieces are colorful, often times getting unexpected materials to interact with each other like resin casted over burled wood. When working with wood and resin, the final piece of jewelry will be dictated by the form and shape of the wood, making every piece different.