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Robert Barker

Cary, NC

From Robert Barker’s many endeavors as an artist, photography is his main tool and means of documentation. He is inspired by garden landscapes, nature, and the arts, and it is from these that he synthesizes imagery.

Elements of light, color, and texture are key components to Barker’s work. Whether a large floral print or one of his abstract “AtmoSpheres,” the details are important. Photography is not just a record, but an affirmation of an experience, a subject, and the artist. His goal is to increase the viewer’s awareness and engage them in a journey with the details of our world, and he invites viewers to use their own experiences to form a dialogue with the work.

Barker has had a long and varied history of making images in a variety of media. As technology has evolved, so have his techniques. Darkrooms, light rooms, latent, or digital images await interpretation. The life of an image is never static: it grows, matures, and metamorphoses… synthesizes and changes to abstraction. A good work of art is always engaging. The image of a flower portrays more than just beauty; it tells a story of planting, nurturing, maturing, and appreciation. It is a memory of time. For Barker, it’s a full circle, and he is the caretaker of an image’s life.