Pati Reis

Raleigh, NC

Pati Reis was born in Brazil, moved to France when she was four, then back to Brazil at seven, and graduated high school in Ohio. (How’s that for mashed up?) Currently, she lives in Raleigh,—where she’s happily immersed in two careers: graphic designer and tactile artist.

The inspiration for her creations (and her process) comes from all over. Reis picked up needlepoint from her Brazilian grandmother and American patchwork from her aunts. She learned to hand-bind books from a professional bookbinder (as a perk from an ad agency job.) And developed a passion for re-using materials and found objects during her MAD program (Masters in Art and Design) at North Carolina State University.

Reis loves using pieces of the past to create totally new things. These re-used materials—like newspapers in foreign languages—bring a deeper layer of meaning to her work. And it has the added bonus of sustainability—re-using instead of land-filling.