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Natacha Sochat

Raleigh, NC
(603) 321-0632
nsochat @gmail.com

Natacha Sochat was born in Manhattan, New York City. As a young child she grew up in La Habana, Cuba. Later, she moved back to NYC where she attended the Bronx HS of Science. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Boston University. Her post-baccalaureate studies at Brandeis University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston included painting, printmaking, photography, and video. She received her MFA in Studio Arts from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She received her MD degree from Boston University School of Medicine.

Sochat has taught at numerous places including School of the Museum of Fine Arts (painting), the New Hampshire Institute of Art (drawing/printmaking). Her work has won numerous awards and has been in exhibitions throughout the United States.

From early childhood Sochat has been passionate about art and science and keeps these worlds connected in her work. Interests include crocheting and sewing, philosophy, theoretical physics, critical thinking, biological systems, and virtual gaming.

Sochat’s work is done in series – ideas that are related to each other. Her work embodies art attempting to break the boundaries of familiar seeing. The work embodies the struggle to understand the unpredictability and complexity of being human. The work searches for the resonance and wonder of the hidden beauty in life experience.

Sochat believes that style is only an element of a work as much as color or medium are elements. She views everything as an abstraction with different degrees of recognizability. She works with oil, water based, or mixed media. Her MFA thesis embodied the NeuroMorphic Universe – our connectedness biologically and otherwise, and it still resides in that realm to this day.