Loren Smith

Raleigh NC
323-342- 3573

Impressions and ideas are translated into a sensory language created with acrylic pigments or pixels. The starting place for Loren Smith’s practice and process is her interest in seeing what seems ordinary and noticing the extraordinary.

Intuition comes into play, but the work is not accidental. It’s made with the intention to take an everyday experience and then express it in unexpected ways. Smith seeks to inspire the eye to react, to see light shift a color and color shift a mood. To notice how perspective informs a perception.

Each image invites the viewer to have an encounter.

Smith’s work speaks with a strong minimalist palette and textural elements. Horizons become interpretations of natural phenomena, geometric shapes move across flat landscapes. Abstract images play with form. Pictorial images have a story to tell.

In 2015 Smith left her native home of Los Angeles, CA to live in Raleigh and become a part of the community’s spirit.