Linda Prager

Chapel Hill, NC
919 240-5406

Linda Prager has been creating with clay for over 25 years.  What started as a hobby in her twenties became an artistic journey, with her work continually evolving, while also keeping elements of past explorations and inspirations.  She is an artist member of the FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill, and her work is also carried at the NC Craft Gallery in Carrboro.  She has shown at several shows and galleries both in North Carolina and New York City.  She is a member of the Orange County Artists Guild.
Artistic exploration is a journey that has taken her down many roads.  There is a unifying inspiration to all her work – how can she use layers of texture and color to create a piece of art that draws the viewer in.  Her pieces are often functional; she thinks of them as sculptural vessels, with surfaces that provide her with blank canvasses.

Prager loves all parts of the creation process – thinking about what form to create, choosing the right clay to get to that form, the actual building of the piece, and the treatment of the surface.  But, it is the treatment of the surface of the piece where she feels she has the most impact on the viewer.  This is where she achieves her artistic goal – to create a desire to touch, to look more closely, to explore.