Katherine Wiggs

Goldsboro, NC

Katherine Wiggs received her BFA in Art Education with a concentration in drawing at East Carolina University in 2002. She then went on to teach in the public school system as a middle school art teacher for 7 years. When she had her daughter, she decided to pursue other opportunities. Now she is a self-employed stay at home mother. She is a professional artist and teacher, teaching both professionally as an adjunct drawing professor at a community college nearby, and privately to students ranging from 9 to 70. She has shown work, and won awards in various shows locally, regionally, nationally. She has done a few solo exhibitions regionally. She is in the process of pursuing and establishing herself as a nationally recognized artist. She also has a successful history of doing custom paintings, including portraits, pet paintings, and landscapes, which are all posted on Facebook and her website.

Her work has a strong basis in the foundations of art and design, both the realism and the non-representational work. The principles of design give a set of rules that allow the artist control the outcome of a piece of work. Those rules can either be used or broken by choice, and it is the choices of the well-educated artist that directs the progress of a piece. Without control of every aspect of the artmaking, the work is subject to the whims of chance. She works hard to exercise control over the media and the construction of her work so what she does, it is done with intention.