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Jhuma Das

Raleigh, NC

Jhuma Das is a scientist with the heart of an artist. Das is a biophysicist at UNC-Chapel Hill in pursuit of finding therapies associated with fatal chronic diseases.  She dedicates her long days with utmost focus and diligence to medical biophysics research, however her life is incomplete without a dip in art. She has been a painter and a dancer all of her life. Without art, her identity feels incomplete and dry. Her dedication to science and her love for art stem from her passion to contribute positively to the human experience.

“She believes that every one of us is a beautiful embodiment of our complex, myriad layers of colors, depths and shades. Each of us holds an untapped mine of creativity within ourselves. So be bold – unleash yourself to the fullest and do so unapologetically. That is undoubtedly the best gift you could give to yourself and to this universe. Her hope is that her art will speak to you and inspire you to chase and live your wildest dreams, recognize your unseen potential and express your inner beauty to the world.”