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Jenny Eggleston

Cary, NC

Fate and Fortune
Small Assemblages

At first, the sudden leap from the botanical drawings I have been producing for years to these gothic, three-dimensional collages felt abrupt. A departure. But the more of them I did, the more familiar the arcs between them and the resonances they produce began to feel. While the drawings depicted the natural world it was personalized with elements of a universal and personal mythology.

Dyslexic but mislabeled as “lazy” as a child, I pretty much have always existed in a state of semi-disorientation–numbers and letters floating around in my field of vision. Like magic! Some of these pieces deal directly with learning and education, and, in general, text is an important element of nearly every piece, both in the form of fortunes and in the form of poetry.  The poems act more like traditional object labels for these pieces. The magical element of dyslexia surfaces via imagery evoking the carnival or circus or fortune telling–all socially acceptable realms of deception…like art!