Jeff Seaman

Raleigh, NC

Jeff Seaman is a self-taught artist based in Raleigh He shares:

It all started 4 years ago, at an Artspace exhibition, ironically. I was peering at Ira Upin’s work from his Strong Man series. I was simply enamored. A little voice in my head then asked: “Can you do that”? Having never painted, I found the query intriguing enough to answer – “yes.” I started sketching charcoal portraits, then black oil paint portraits, and now, color portraits, stills and landscapes. I love bold colors and the beauty of the human form.

I am currently painting some of the masters’ works and have reproduced my favorites as a private collection which includes both realism and impressionism styles. Admittedly, I am still searching for my “artist’s soul” or that which uniquely identifies my style from others. With that said, I have passion in what I see, love and create. Maybe that’s all an artist’s “soul” needs to be.