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Frank Kreacic

Garner, NC

Frank Kreacic considers himself a 21st century artist: painter, graphic designer, digital manipulator / collage artist and historian, all in one, sharing, “To re-arrange and blend images, so that people see them differently, is my end game.” 3D Resin-ance Painting, a technique that he invented, combines color separation while viewing with Chomadepth 3D glasses.

He has removed the traditional canvas from the equation. Colors are no longer stifled within the 2D plane; the physical layering of paint off the wall creates movement as the viewer walks by (Parallax). Reds, yellows and oranges are pulled forward. Cooler blues, purples and greens recede. The 3D glasses make the images resonate off the wall towards the viewer, even on a smart phone or when printed (including on metal).

Whether he creates adventurous scenes or historically referenced paintings, his artwork is part movie snapshot, part inspired comic book page, part intense color abstraction. Kreacic’s art has been displayed at local galleries, comic conventions, regional exhibitions and public art installations in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.