Ellen Hathaway


Raleigh, NC

Ellen Hathaway is a native Carolinian, born and raised on the Pamlico River in Washington. With degrees in RTVMP and teaching from UNC-CH and UVA Curry School, Hathaway has directed her art education through independent study, workshops, and notably with instructors Steve Aimone and Ron Boehmer. She adores the diversity and experimentation of mixing acrylic media, often depicting images of the flower as well as non-objective imagery, and most recently investigating oils. Hathaway is represented by Les Yeux du Monde in Charlottesville, VA, Art 3 Gallery in Manchester, NH, City Art Gallery in Greenville, NC and Tyler White O’Brien Gallery in Greensboro, NC, and will be a featured guest artist at Raleigh’s Roundabout Art Collective in mid-2015.

Hathaway is married to Curtis, and they have two daughters, Anne Clark and Brooke. She believes the freedom and space to make art and encouragement from her family are rich blessings; truly grace made manifest.